How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with us by:

  • Dropping us a message on Whatsapp at 9723 5409
  • Calling us at 6763 9466
  • DM-ing us on Instagram or Facebook
  • Filling up an appointment form on our website at www.sgface.com.sg
Are there any GST or hidden costs?

There is no GST or any hidden cost for our services! However, if additional services/products are requested there will be an add-on cost.

Our therapists will advise customers if additional products or services are needed based on your skin condition. But, the option to add-on is entirely at your discretion.

How often should I get a facial?

Our skin cells turnover is approximately ~28 days long.

What does this mean?

It takes ~1month for new cells to grow and dead cells to be removed

How does a facial help?

A facial helps by keeping your skin clean, clear and nourished during the cell turnover process.

For most customers, we will schedule an appointment every 3-4 weeks. However, different skin types require different frequencies of visit. (For example, acne prone customer are recommended to come for facials in 1-2 weeks intervals)

Do discuss your expectations with us, our friendly therapists will be able to recommend the frequencies of your visit!

Can I wear makeup right after facial?

Yes, but ideally no.

We would encourage customers to avoid makeup for the next 1-2 days. This allows the skin to “rest” and fully soak up the effects of the treatment!

What are the prices of your facial treatment?

For first time customers, Enjoy a deep cleansing facial for $58 or 50% off all facial treatments!

For returning customers, you may enjoy our facials at Ala-carte prices or alternatively do speak to our therapists to enquire on our various packages.

What kinds of products do SGFACE carry?

We carry a few lines of products that are researched and manufactured in Germany and Italy.

We carry these products as we fully trust these brands with their formulation research and manufacturing process given their long proven history and track record. In fact, we have been in partnership with these brands ever since our first opening back in 2008!

Will my skin break out after facial?

Some customers may experience temporary breakouts after facials as our treatments will detoxify the skin. This lifts impurities to the surface of our skin and expels them in the form of a temporary breakout. Your skin should return back to normal after a week after the purge. This does not all apply for all customers as it well depends on your skin type as well as the type of treatment done. Feel free to communicate your expectations with us, our therapists will be able to recommend the most suited treatment!

Are there results after 1 session?

Your skin post facial will feel deeply cleaned, more hydrated and radiant. Pimple inflammation and blackheads will significantly reduce. However, in order to prolong the effects of a session, the use of professional skin care products is important.

To achieve clear and porcelain-like skin, monthly facial up-keeping and the use of good products is crucial!

Are facials suitable for men?

Yes of course!

Facials are suitable for both men and women. Men are exposed to air pollution, sunlight and pollutants as much as women. In fact, men often experiences more sun damage as their pores are larger.